A dashcam video of children pouring out of a secondary school and dangerously dodging traffic has highlighted the importance of road safety.

Jason Fields captured the footage of Kings Langley School pupils as he was driving home after picking up his own kids from primary school.

At times, students are seen walking out in front of his car without looking, and there are two instances where children not wearing helmets are lucky not to be knocked off their bikes as they race out of the school gates into the afternoon traffic.

Watford Observer:

The video, which at times resembles a hazard perception test, was shared online in the Kings Langley Matters Facebook group, with many people calling for safety measures to be installed before a child is injured, or worse.

However head teacher Gary Lewis said he was “not convinced” that a controlled traffic crossing would help solve the problems created by 1,100 pupils leaving the site all at once.

“It is extremely frustrating but unfortunately it is what happens outside any school at going home time. It is mayhem at that time of day,” he said.

“We have a situation where pupils are coming out en masse. They do have this impression they are invincible.

“It is a problem in a sense we are constantly talking to the kids about it, police come in to do talks about traffic safety issues, we are sending out constant newsletters.

“In the end it is a situation we are aware of. Luckily we have never had an accident.”

Mr Lewis added that existing speed bumps in Love Lane, as well as a new on-site turning circle for parents, were already reducing the likelihood of children and vehicles coming into unwanted contact.