Cyclists are encouraged to “take extra care” when riding their bikes as weather conditions deteriorate.

Herts Police, Hertfordshire County Council Road Safety Unit and the Highways Agency have teamed up to ensure cyclists are dressed in the right clothing and are informed - all to make sure they are set for the poorer cycling conditions.

Chief Inspector Donna Pierce said: "The change in seasons is a time when all road users should ensure both their vehicles and their driving is suited to the potentially poorer conditions - but cyclists can be particularly vulnerable.

"A few simple measures, like wearing a correctly fitted helmet and fluorescent and reflective clothing, could save your life.

"As well as asking cyclists to look after themselves, I'd also ask drivers to take extra care on the roads. Always slow down and leave plenty of room when passing a cyclist."

Reflective arm bands, provided by the Highways Agency, as well as cycle safety and security leaflets, will be made available from police stations across the county.

County Councillor Stuart Pile said: "It's great that more and more people are cycling rather than driving.

“At this time of year it is vital that all cyclists make themselves as visible as possible and you are never too old to learn. Hone your riding skills with Bikeability training to increase confidence and skills in traffic.”

For information on Bikeability training visit or contact the County Council Road Safety Unit on 01992 556800. Visit or telephone 0845 33 00 222 to find out more about reflective arm bands or for a free leaflet about cycling safety and bicycle security, telephone your local Crime Prevention Officer on 0845 33 00 222.