Spiritualist Jamie Burnell claims to have found "compelling evidence" of paranormal activity in Cassiobury Park and is now looking to investigate more locations in the Watford area.

Jamie was encouraged to investigate the popular Watford park after viewing a photograph in the Watford Observer earlier this year.

Since then, the 29-year-old has taken similar photographs and is adamant it is not just a coincidence.

The Watford resident said: "I'm 95 per cent certain that Cassiobury Park is very, very haunted. From a rating of one to ten, I would say it is a good eight.

"Paranormal is the only word to describe the photographs. I feel excited if not a bit apprehensive when dealing with this kind of thing but you can't be scared when dealing with the paranormal."

The spiritualist has created a Facebook page called the "Watford Paranormal Group" where those interested can see the pictures taken in Cassiobury Park.

Many of these photographs include orbs, which are balls of light that are caught on camera and which some believe are spirits and paranormal energies.

Jamie said one of the photographs has an unexplainable mist surrounding him just as he was speaking about the old English urban legend of 'Spring-Heeled Jack'. He believes this mist is Jack's spirit and also claims the ghost of Lord Capel can be found in Cassiobury Park.

Following the success of the last investigation, Jamie is now looking to research other Watford areas such as the All Saints Church in Leavesden and the Leavesden Hospital cemetery, where Jamie said he has heard a voice asking "who are you?" through an Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) recorder.

If you are interested in joining the next investigation or are interested to find out more then email Jamie on jg9668@googlemail.com or by joining the "Watford Paranormal Group" on Facebook.

Lord Capel

The ghost of Lord Capel is said to be a regular visitor of Cassiobury Park. It is told that Capel was a Royalist fighting for Charles I during the Civil War, and eventually surrendered to General Fairfax. According to legend, Capel was beheaded in 1649 and his heart was buried in Cassiobury Park, although the location was lost over time. Many have claimed to have seen his headless spirit at night in the park, especially about March 9, though some have seen him with a head of long hair and a large moustache.

Spring Heeled Jack

Spring-Heeled Jack is a character from old-English folklore with the ability to jump abnormally high. It is said that he had a terrifying appearance - claw like hands, distorted facial features with eyes “as red as fire”. One report claimed he was tall, thin and wore clothing of a gentleman. The alleged sightings of the “devil-like figure” were promenent during the Victorian era, especially in the suburbs of London where his capability to make great leaps came in useful to make a quick getaway.