A catalogue of flooding hotspots found in Chorleywood has been put together by a residents' association.

The problem of waterlogged highways, described by the Chorleywood Residents' Association as "perennial" has been highlighted by this week's heavy rain.

As well as a detailed list of flooded roads, pictures of cars having to ford massive puddles have also been submitted to Hertfordshire Highways.

The areas include Station Approach, by the hairpin, which is said to regularly become impassable, and is made worse for cyclists by hidden potholes.

Also listed are Green Street by Stubbs Farm, Long Lane, Berry Lane, Shepherds Lane, Common Road and Common Gate Road.

Richard Thompson, from the Chorleywood Residents' Association, said "We understand the weather recently has been exceptionally wet. But there are some long standing drainage issues with many of the roads in and out Chorleywood, and some of them need a bit more effort than just sending a gully cleaner along to unblock the odd drain.

"It's not reasonable that we can't get around without driving through fords, or pedestrians having to wade through water or getting splashed by passing vehicles."

The Watford Observer is waiting for a comment from Hertfordshire County Council.

Mr Thompson added: "There's a mixture of outstanding maintenance and more long term issues that Herts Highways need to get a grip on.

"Chorleywood is located in a Chiltern dry valley, although you'd be forgiven for thinking differently at the moment."