A Rottweiler from West Watford is in paw’s reach of winning a lucrative modelling contract after getting into the final of a TV competition.

Scarlett doggedly bested all other canine competition to make it through to the final six in ITV 2’s Top Dog Model programme.

The three-year-old pooch underwent a competitive photo shoot and cat walk round to impress the judging panel, which includes Stacey Solomon, Hollywood dog agent Addison Witt and fashion model Lilah Parson.

The TV presenter said even though Scarlett may not be a breed a dog that had universal appeal she was putting her through as they were impressed with how well trained the Rottweiler was.

"Scarlett is a really well trained dog, she does everything you say," Miss Solomon told Scarlett’s owner Anthony Skordis.

"She has great markings, she is really beautiful. But we are not really sure whether she will appeal to every audience rather than a specific market."

However Mr Skordis was left overjoyed and tearful when his pooch was finally put through to the last six.

There will now be four more episodes of the series in which one dog will be eliminated until it is down to the last two.

Following the latest episode Mr Skordis, 37, who lives in Oxford Street, said he was pleased that Scarlett had been given a chance to progress despite not being most universally-like breed.

He said: "The fact she’s made the top six is brilliant and also that they put through a Rottweiler because she was obedient.

"They don’t usually put beauty over a breed."

The next episode is showing on ITV 2 tomorrow at 8pm.