A mother of two said she was nearly struck by a car after a traffic signal at the Dome Roundabout in Watford turned green for pedestrians and drivers at the same time.

Jenna Louise, 27, of Cow Lane said the signal at the pedestrian crossing where North Western Avenue exits the roundabout towards Leavesden had been faulty for some time.

A traffic accident on Monday afternoon also saw one of the other signals demolished on the Colne Way exit, prompting confusion between motorists and pedestrians.

Ms Louise said: “The pedestrian signal goes green for pedestrians and cars at the same time.

“I know there have been near misses, a friend started to walk across with her pram and had to pull it back quickly.

“I was told about it by a friend then I crossed there with my two boys as we were coming back to school and exactly what they said happened.

“I don’t think it is the drivers’ fault, they are only interested in getting from A to B so pull away when the light goes green.”

Ms Louise contacted Hertfordshire County Council to report the problem and, although no fault with the timing was discovered on the remote monitoring system, an engineer from Ringway was sent to inspect the lights.

Matthew Kelley, Ringway Divisional Manager, said the engineer could not see a conflict with the lights but noticed confusion between drivers and pedestrians where the pole had been knocked down.

He said: “We were notified by the police at 15:15 on Monday 8 October 2012 that a traffic light pole had been knocked over on the Dome Roundabout in Watford.

"An incident was immediately logged and an engineer dispatched to make the traffic light pole safe by disabling the electrical supply. The next day, we were informed that the traffic signals were turning green for pedestrians and drivers at the same time. 

"Our remote monitoring systems were analysed and no issues were detected; however, due to the nature of the reported fault an engineer was dispatched to investigate.

“The engineer could detect no conflicts in the lights, but on further observation of pedestrians and drivers it was identified that there was some confusion due to the knocked down traffic pole.

"A decision was made that it would be safer to switch off the pedestrian crossing lights until we could replace the traffic pole. 

“Due to the safety issues presented by the knock down and subsequent switching off of the crossing lights the installation of the new traffic light pole was completed yesterday.”