There is something exciting about two of the country’s finest teams going head to head.

They are the games that generate the biggest atmosphere, the fiercest rivalries and create the most memories.

But who says that these kinds of clashes should just be limited to teams that play the same code of rugby?

If any team would be willing to take a chance, you would put your money on it being Saracens.

The proposed opposition, well that would be no other than Rugby League powerhouses, Wigan Warriors.

After all you wouldn’t expect Sarries to do things by halves would you?

The possibility of a cross code game is just the latest part in what is becoming a strong relationship between the clubs, one that became an official partnership in November last year.

There is a strong northern feel to Sarries in more recent times, especially in the back line with Chris Ashton, Joel Tomkins and Owen Farrell, all starting out their rugby lives at the Warriors.

However this deal is about more than just the players.

The idea behind this partnership was to share resources and knowledge between coaching teams and academies as well as the potential for the two clubs to loan players to each other.

So how would this cross code game work?

Put very simply it would be a 13-aside game that mixes elements of both codes, playing league rules in your own half and union in the opposition’s.

This obvious complexity and chance of confusion is just one of the problems a game like this would face.

Firstly, there is the logistics of staging a cross code match, such as where and when the game would take place.

With the union season running from September until May and league from February to October, there isn’t much time available to host such a game, with preferences seemingly being in either January or August.

Then there is also the possibility of injuries. After all this game would be a friendly - would either team want to risk star players in the name of a showcase game?

There could also be issues with the way the game is perceived. When Wigan Fullback Sam Tomkins, younger brother of Joel, took to the field for the Barbarians against Australia last year, much was made of the fact it was a “job interview for a union club”.

I personally don’t feel this will be an issue - if a player would like to swap codes, or even teams for that matter, one game wouldn’t make a lot of difference.

It is about giving players new experiences not job hunting.

Enough of the negatives surrounding a game of this nature, I for one would love to see a game like this taking place.

Wigan are an incredible club to watch with serious amounts of talent throughout.

A cross code match would provide some unforgettable head to heads, with the battle at fullback between Alex Goode and Sam Tomkins probably being the pick of the bunch.

A game like this would not just be a spectacle on the pitch however; it would be a game to remember for the fans as well.

Many of the issues that have been raised about the occasion were raised before the game against South Africa too and as someone who was in Wembley Stadium that night, I can safely say it was a night I won’t forget in a hurry.

It will undoubtedly be a venture with an element of risk but with the potential rewards and the creation of memories for everybody involved, one that would be well worth it in my opinion.