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    Bush Hornet wrote:
    rogeruk wrote:
    Bush Hornet wrote:
    rogeruk wrote:
    Bush Hornet wrote:
    KeithMercer wrote:
    congratulations for winning this weeks biggest Numpty award !
    Come back when you have something positive to say ! until then get back to the bowls club and BORE OFF !!!
    Thank you Keith. Have to agree. Sorry Rodge, you're dull.
    Its nothing to do with being positive, whilst the majority of you were moaning about the removal of the Pozzos and the poor early results I was the positive one.

    In life 'moving on' is a euphemism for screwing up and not sorting it out!

    Many of you have blind faith and that is not good. There was a big 'screw up today Sheeple supporters can't deal with it! they can't deal with reality.

    Just because five changes worked before doesn't mean they will work now.

    Every moment in time is different and people screw up because they hate change. Remember the SAS motto "He who changes wins"

    Before the Sheeple come back with the real SAS motto, what I have said is under the word Humour!
    I'm struggling to get your point here but I think there's almost an inspirational team talk to us fans. It's a bit jumbley. So you're saying change is good, but changes are bad? Hmmm. I'm going to stroke my beard and ponder.
    Open your mind (or in modern day parlance (Think outside the box) which used to be known as parallel thinking before everything got dumbed down to reach the LCD (lowest common denominator).

    Changes are bad in a situation for example when five changes were used before and were successful thus assuming five changes will always be good.

    It’s like the weather you need to change your clothes according to what the weather is and not what the weather is what you think it will be! OK so far?

    The majority of people hate change, people crave stability but actually this is the first rule of disappointment. You have to live life and as it changes you have to adapt and change with it in order to succeed, most people can’t handle this and therefore follow managers or politicians blindly because they won’t have to think for themselves!

    Nobody mortal can control time because time is constantly changing, every micro second everything changes and we need to take account of this and make our decisions accordingly.

    Another example if you invest in company shares and assume the management policy appertaining in the past which bought profits will automatically bring profit today is a false thought because circumstances will have changed, possibly the policy of before could be very harmful in the present environment.

    Therefore in order to be successful and more successful than others you must be able to change to meet the different situations (Fergie is a great master of this and why he has been successful for a hundred years).
    Whilst I cannot challenge Zola’s reputation as a great player or as a good manager I can challenge his reasoning and psychology.

    I am disappointed he said after the result, five changes worked before and should have been OK therefore this is not a reason for the bad result and is no excuse.

    I disagree, the circumstances were different this time; team the weather the situation everything has changed.

    Whilst he outgunned Poyet with his strategy he didn't succeed against Powell because as he himself recognized the first 45 minutes we gave to Charlton surely that is down to the five outfield changes, furthermore it’s obvious Hoban (good young player he is) is stressed the signs were there in the Brighton game and manifested themselves even more in yesterday’s game! He is only 18 a Centre Half and playing in the upper reaches of the championship it’s very demanding, nobody can expect the same level of consistency at that age. Had Zola taken that into account?

    If Zola magnificent player and good motivator he undoubtedly is can increase his ability to out think every manager by using the philosophy I am advocating, he could then become a world class manager like Jose Mourinho or Alex Ferguson. Check out what Pep Guardiola said on his first speech to his players on becoming manager more or less what I am advocating.

    Problem with the sheeple on here is they think I am questioning the now ‘god like Zola’ check out the Brighton Argus the Brighton sheeple have turned in a few days from Poyet the worst manager in the championship to now he is the best manager in the championship. Honestly what good are these sheeple’s comments? Are they helpful? No! Do they follow with Blind loyalty? Yes!

    I am a great fan of Zola’s in fact I want him to be the best Watford manager ever and put himself into the history books alongside the other two managers I have mentioned, he can do it but not with sheeple supporters who blindly follow him and fear to question his screw-ups.

    Constructive criticism is more positive than blind loyalty and adoration and what irks me more is this ‘X’ factor crap ‘move on’, which is the ultimate recipe for disaster as has proved time and time again.

    This will probably go above the sheeple’s heads I honestly don’t care! You can only do so much before accepting some people are a lost cause and just can't be helped!
    Too much pseudo business speak to address here which amounts to nonsense, so I'm going to have to go back to earlier comment of 'dull'.
    You and your ilk have an inborn inability to comprehend anything outside of your parochial world in which you live.

    People who can't handle the ability to concentrate on reading something longer than 30 seconds because they get bored are categorized as a demographic catered to by the Sun and Daily Star!

    Paradoxically you feel able to post your inane comments on something way above your level of understanding on the psychology of football.

    To think people like you are given the vote!"
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Gianfranco Zola doesn't believe five changes to blame for Watford's defeat against Charlton Athletic

First published in Sport by , Group Sports Editor

Gianfranco Zola was critical of Watford’s “sloppy” first-half performance after his side’s 4-3 defeat to Charlton Athletic this afternoon.

Despite taking an early lead through Daniel Pudil’s first goal for the club, the Hornets were very disappointing in the opening period and found themselves behind at the break after a Tommie Hoban own goal and Yann Kermorgant’s header.

Zola’s side needed to improve after the break, and they did, taking the lead by midway through the second half thanks to an Almen Abdi penalty and Alex Geijo. However, Kermorgant turned in the equaliser before Johnnie Jackson won the three points 12 minutes from time.

The Watford boss said: “I think that today the reason why we didn’t win is we gave away 45 minutes, something you cannot afford in this Championship. Maybe we had too many compliments the other day [after beating Brighton] and we went on the pitch with probably not the same awareness they had because they were winning all the second balls, they were winning all the headers and they found themselves 2-1 doing little, it was more us allowing them to get into the game.

“No disrespect towards them but we let them get into the game too much because we were not sharp enough. That sharpness for me comes mainly because we didn’t manage to get the attention right and you can’t afford that in this league.

“The second half was better. We tried to get the rhythm a little bit better, higher, more quality in the passing but unfortunately our defending today as well wasn’t the best. It’s disappointing but a good lesson again for us. We will certainly next time be aware that after a good game you need to make sure you get the same concentration.”

Although one change was enforced following Fitz Hall’s hamstring injury in the win at Brighton & Hove Albion, Zola also chose to drop Ikechi Anya, Troy Deeney and Matej Vydra down to the bench, while Jonathan Hogg was left out of the matchday squad.

Asked if he regretted making five changes, he replied: “Not at all. I’ve made them before and it worked. I don’t think the problem lies in there, I think it was more like that [they] just didn’t focus.

“The players that played, Geijo, Forestieri, they did quite well, so I don’t think the fact we changed many players has got something to do with the game.”

Zola added later: “We went in front but we were not certainly the normal time that we are. The passing wasn’t good enough, we were sloppy, honestly, we were sloppy and it was very costly. We tried to get into the game, in the second half we did better, but sometimes it’s too late. If you don’t prepare and you aren’t mentally [focused] before the game, it becomes very, very difficult to do when you are in the game.”

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