One of the senior members of staff from Watford's community trust has reunited with Sean Dyche at Burnley.

Neil Hart, who was head of community for Watford's Community Sports and Education Trust, had worked for the Hornets for almost a decade but has returned to the north, having orginated from Rochdale.

Watford's is one of the most highly-regarded trusts in the country and Burnley's, by their own admission, needs a lot of improvement to reach that level.

It is a challenge Hart is relishing in his role as the club's new head of community and he is expecting Watford's former manager to help him once again.

Hart told the Burnley Express: "I know Sean Dyche from my time at Watford and I think he and the players have a crucial role to play in this.

"We, as a club, have a real duty to get out there and do our bit for the community and I know Sean will be 100 per cent behind that because he was brilliant at Watford on the community side."