Bournemouth was strange. An odd and frustrating 98 minutes of football even by this season's odd and frustrating standards.

Here's all I can muster saying about it, without just using this entire space to make accusations about the referee.

1) Balls. "We showed great attitude, spirit and pride today on the pitch," said Beppe Sannino via the Italian doctor/translator after the game.

We showed balls Beppe. Testicoli. Grande testicoli! Something none of us knew this Watford team had.

The balls they showed to get a point out of the game was remarkable. Remember this is the very same side who lay down and let a terrible Yeovil team score three goals, then walked off the pitch without a fleck of mud let alone blood on their shirts.

This is a side who have just rolled over and died again and again. No more. "Non più!" Balls Beppe! Balls!

2) Referees. This year we have had several officials trotting around the grass, ruining potential wonderful games of football.

A ball bounces a clear foot over the line at Brighton, a Derby player is booked twice yet is shown no red, but nothing beats Carl Boyeson at Bournemouth.

This guy (seemingly on a day out from League One) put in a shift so weak it was beggars belief.

With so much money on the line in the Championship these days, the standard of refereeing surely has to be addressed. It seems to get worse year on year.

3) Smoke bombs."Oh the humanity!" I think it is the word "bomb" that has people in hysteria.

A smoke bomb is not a bomb, it is not even a flare. They're just cough inducing wheeze pipes.

These things are annoying for some, fun for others, something to get in a tizzy about... not really.

What is essentially a big puffy scented candle should not be the cause for Watford fans to turn on each other.

They should also not be something the club are punished for. When was the last time you saw one at The Vic? Surely it's Bournemouth's job to keep them out.

I'm sure Man City won't let them in. And if they do, let’s not fall out over it.