There have been a number of articles written about how well the Hornets performed against Manchester City.

So rather than discuss how good Beppe Sannino’s first half tactics were (3-4-2-1, where did that stroke of genius come from?) or how Pellegrini’s men are still in the hunt for four titles (like we care), I’m going to mention how good the Watford supporters were. 

The travelling 3,352 fans sung their hearts out from start to finish, wore their yellow jerseys with pride and showed just how great our support is.

Simply put, it was a joy to be in the crowd.

Gone were the smoke bomb wielding individuals who have been putting our club in a bit of bother lately, not to mention endangering fellow supporters.

In their place were happy, respectful fans that really showed their support.

One fan I spoke to was taking his young lad to his first away game. He told me that he was initially apprehensive after hearing certain bad things but that he and his son had a trouble free and thoroughly enjoyed experience  – even if the result didn’t pan out quite as they had hoped. 

So may I take this opportunity to thank all the supporters who journeyed up to Manchester and encourage you all to keep coming to the away fixtures, especially if Beppe’s boys are going to play like they did on Saturday.

After all quality football is what we are all hoping to see when we travel those hundreds of miles every week and it’s a real treat when the lads deliver.