Watford were pretty good against Brighton weren't they?

It was not a dazzling performance that left you watching gob agape, but there was not even a glimpse of the shambles that broke so many Hertfordshire hearts on Thursday (during the largely pathetic second half at Nottingham Forest).

There was a clean sheet, there was a lot of effort, there was a lack of Diego Fabbrini falling over.

Everything felt quite solid. As reflected in the Watford Observer man of the match poll, I think there were also three individual performances that really stood out...

Fitz Hall

“One Size” has had such a peculiar Hornets history.

Before he was ever ours, he had that play-off punch up with Aidy Boothroyd and was sent off for kung-fu chopping Johan Cavalli on another occasion. Johan Cavalli, Jesus, remember him?

Since that red card we seem to have signed Fitz about 38 times. But against Brighton we were reminded about just what a good defender he can be. Playing bang in the middle of the three, he gave Joel and Gabi the freedom to push up when necessary. A rock.

Daniel Tozser

Remember when January transfer windows were all about despairing over which players we were going to lose?

Young, King, Sordell – anything of value that moved was forever up for grabs.

This January was more about clearing out a few duds and strengthening, yet still many fans moaned.

"We're signing too many midfielders" people grumbled. Tozser's performance proved just why we needed to strengthen in the middle of the park.

He looked exactly the kind of grown up midfielder we have been missing all season - strong, smart and crucially vocal throughout.

I haven't seen a midfielder shout so consistently hard and loud at his troops since we let our dear Johnny Eustace go. Yet still he wasn't man of the match, because ooooooohh...


Whether we go up or down, or just flounder mid table, we should all make sure we try to enjoy the time we have with Fernando.

Oh what a privilege it is to see this boy kick balls for us. Forestieri of course has his faults but his is a name that will be spoken of for so many years after he has left The Vic for pastures new.

The skill is always there but the desire was there so visibly as well on Sunday.

He worked so hard against Brighton, covered so much ground, and when he made a mistake, there was that look of devastation on his face.

He feels the pain, like only a fan normally does. Fernando may have been born 7000 miles away in Argentina, but there could never be any real doubt, he's definitely "one of our own."