Watford FC defender Nyron Nosworthy has been spared jail after admitting injuring a cyclist in a road rage attack last year.

The 33-year-old Jamaican International pushed over Joe Minihane after they collided at traffic lights in central London on August 13.

Mr Minihane suffered a fractured wrist, which needed a full cast and up to a year of rehab, it was said.

Nosworthy, who played for Sunderland in the Premier League for five seasons before joining the Hornets, admitted assault causing actual bodily harm at Camberwell Green Magistrates' Court last week.

Today he appeared calm as he entered the dock for sentence, wearing jeans, blue trainers and a casual black jacket as it was revealed a loan move to the north of the country is on the cards.

He was sentenced to 42 days imprisonment, suspended for two years, by District Judge Louise Hammond, who said he was 'reckless' but had not intended to injure his victim.

The judge said: "Road rage offences are regarded by the appeal courts as extremely serious, because of their prevalence on the road and because of the unacceptable nature of them.

"I am of the view that only a custodial sentence is justified, but because of your positive good character, because the injury was not intended and because you pleaded guilty, I'm able to suspend that sentence."

The judge also ordered Nosworthy to pay £3,300 compensation to the cyclist.

She had threatened to revoke the player's driving licence, but was persuaded not to do so after Theo Addae, defending, said: "The impact [of disqualification] would be huge in terms of his employment.

"There is a possibility of a loan move. The move will be to the north of the country, and as a result, disqualification would have a huge impact on his employment."

Nosworthy had suffered an Achilles injury while on international duty last March and was driving to see to a physio near Oxford Circus when he stopped his car at a red light on Westminster Bridge Road.

"The cyclist was intending to go right but was positioned on the left,' said Mr Addae.

"The cyclist then set off as the lights turned green, crossed in front of Mr Nosworthy and at that point a collision took place."

The court heard the cyclist then embarked on a foul-mouth rant at the footballer.

"As a result of that collision taking place, under traffic laws, Mr Nosworthy must stop and speak to the person involved," said Mr Addae.

He pulled into Bayliss Road, where the cyclist was verbally aggressive, causing Nosworthy to become angry.

"He pushed him once and once only, causing the cyclist to fall over backwards, causing the injury.

"It was only the unfortunate manner in which the cyclist fell over which resulted in the injury," he said.

He told the court that Nosworthy had been "candid and frank" in his police interview.

"He has shown exemplary record both on and off the pitch'.

Nosworthy, of Gleneagle Road, Streatham, declined to comment following his sentence.