Beppe Sannino says he admires English managers and the Hornets head coach struggles to understand how they are able to incorporate player recruitment into their busy schedule.

Sannino has said since his arrival at Watford that technical director Gianluca Nani is in charge of transfers while he is in charge of what happens on the pitch. Although he does have a say on potential arrivals.

While that is a model which is widely used across Europe, in England the majority of managers are heavily involved in player recruitment in addition to coaching.

Sannino said last Thursday that he is “100 per cent” a head coach and added he is “curious” about the manager’s role in England.

He said: “I am happy to do this job and focus on what happens on the pitch. What happens outside is something that I have always left to other people.

“I do admire English managers and while I am here I will try to understand how they can deal with what happens on the pitch and then on the recruitment of players.

“I have chatted with a couple of managers after the game and my question was how can you deal with this kind of job?

“I am very curious and I admire them because they do it very well. I also have to say the English managers have been gentlemen with me.”