Elliott Matthews believes his Southern Area middleweight title defence against Diego Burton gives him the “chance to make a name for myself” in front of the TV cameras.

Boxing News rated his title-winning effort against Gary Boulden as one of 2013’s best fights and fans across Europe will watch his defence against Burton at the Camden Centre on Friday night.

Eurosport’s cameras will be beaming the fight into homes in 109 countries and the Watford southpaw reckons the clash will get fans out of their seats.

“I have got a reputation for having exciting fights and I always put everything into every fight,” he said.

“I’ve been watching Diego and he’s the same. He’s game, comes forward and takes a good shot.

“He has done well to get where he has got to but he’s not going any further.

“I know he’s going to put everything into this, but he hasn’t got what I’ve got.

“We can’t all be champions. He’s not winning the Southern Area title, that’s for sure.

“This is my chance to make a name for myself and show everyone that I’m a real contender.

“It’s a big occasion and I’m sure I can handle it.If I keep winning and keep learning then I could get another title fight by the end of the year.

“I will definitely get my chances, it’s just a matter of when they come along.”

Burton has similar ambitions and has quit the kitchen to cook up a title-winning performance for the TV cameras.

To prepare for the big fight, the 27-year-old from Peckham has taken a break from his job baking cakes.

He works for family business Lucky Lips Bakery and said: “I’m always in the kitchen getting my hands dirty.

“Business is good. But I have had to take a break to train for this fight. I’ve been training like a mad man.”

Also on the show are Irish super-middleweight champion JJ McDonagh and unbeaten fighters Sam Cantwell, Tony Milch, Darryll Williams and Ben Day. Tickets are available from 07886 683614.