More than 11 weeks have passed since Watford youth coach Dave Hughes removed his players from a pitch in Italy following alleged racist abuse but the FA has yet to conclude its findings into the incident.

Hughes told his Under-19 side to leave the field 15 minutes into the second half against Serie B club Latina, in a Wojtyla Cup game, after alleged persistent comments by opposition players.

The game took place on December 11 and this week an FA spokesman said: “The matter is ongoing. Clearly we take any allegation of this nature with the utmost seriousness and will conduct a full and thorough investigation.”

A Watford spokesman added: “Watford FC confirms that it continues to co-operate fully with requests from The Football Association, who are compiling a report on the club’s behalf for submission to its Italian counterpart.

“From the outset, everyone at the club has been fully behind its academy players, Dave Hughes, Chris McGuane and all the other academy staff. This position will not change, and we look forward to complying with any further requests made of us by The FA.”