Walking down Vicarage Road on Saturday there was sunshine, the faintest taste of spring in the air, there were all those familiar faces of the Watford crowd, and then as I approached the ground itself there was the sight a shut pub.

In the spot where Laurence Bassini had once stood so proudly in that infamous red hard hat, the doors were once again closed.

I'm not sure whether this was a good or a bad thing but I turned into Occupation Road and saw four big steel towers bursting into the air.

An East Stand coming back to life, a definite omen that it was going to be a good day. Aside from the joy of looking at those lovely girders, here's what I felt were the three big talking point of a most enjoyable game...

Blackpool were so very bad

I can't remember such a lame performance at The Vic in a long time. With a less defence minded manager I think we may have completely humiliated those poor tangerine men.

That is of course not in anyway meant as a pop at Sannino. His home record since he has taken over continues to impress. We just don't let goals in anymore. And we're scoring a fair few too. Good times. Now all we have to do is take that form on the road. As has been well documented, Bolton was terrible.

Tozser was so very good

There were rumours we signed this guy because he was Pudil's mate. Strange when you consider there were rumours we signed Pudil because he was Vydra's mate.

A friend of a friend of an old friend then but arguably the best player we have right now. The Hungarian fills the unfillable hole left by Almen Abdi and leaves you dreaming of what a midfield might be like with the two of them in it. I hope Tozser stays long enough so we can one day find out. "Sign him up, sign him up, sign him up."

Ranégie looks tailor made for the Championship

He's big, he's strong but he's not just a lump. He's comfortable with the ball at his feet, can take a few knocks, and knows where the net is.

Surely that's exactly what is needed of a Championship striker. I can't actually believe he's been on the Udinese bench all this time - what a waste.

Imagine if it had been this guy at Wembley instead of Alex Geijo. Or this guy instead of Diego Fabbrini earlier in the year.

I'm not saying either Geijo or Fabbrini are bad players but I am saying from Saturday's evidence at least, Ranégie looks far more suited to life in England's second flight. A very impressive home debut.