Video courtesy of Andy Ford’s YouTube channel 

During his time at Watford, Sean Dyche didn’t appreciate mobile phones ringing in his press conferences. One journalist found that out the hard way on Saturday.

As the now Burnley boss discussed his side’s 2-1 win over Leeds United, the familiar buzz from a mobile - which was being used as a voice recorder - sounded.

Rather than stop his press conference, Dyche decided to answer the call. “Hello. It’s Sean Dyche the manager of Burnley Football Club, who’s that?”

If you were expecting a friend to answer your phone call, it’s probably a shock to hear the gravely tones of Dyche.

But after briefly explaining the situation, and asking if they were heading out for a few beers, Dyche handed the phone back to the journalist who would’ve learnt a valuable lesson.

That is, if you do use your phone as a voice recorder make sure it’s on flight mode. Otherwise you’ll never know who could answer your friend’s calls.