The last time I did one of these Watford Observer Fan's View pieces, somebody was kind enough to call me a "toilet head" in the comments section.

I quite enjoyed being called a toilet head and have used the term quite frequently since.

The referee who turned the Doncaster game into a farce, he was an absolute toilet head and I let him know it.

The Doncaster fans who tried to pick a fight with Watford fans in the car park after that nightmare of a game? What absolute toilet heads they were.

Beppe Sannino however, he's not a toilet head. Not a toilet head at all.

Really he's quite the remarkable chap. The opposite of a toilet head, which I guess is perhaps a sink foot.

Anyway, I'm losing track of what I'm trying to say here. What I'm trying to say is that the Barnsley game was excellent, wasn't it?

The stats are quite simple. Sannino's side have let in just one goal at fortress Vicarage Road since he took over. We've won six home games in a row, kept six consecutive home clean sheets and played some excellent football whilst looking extremely solid at the back.

If we could turn all that into any kind of decent away form, we'd be a Premier League side before you could say "capo gabinetto".

So why oh why oh why can we not win away when we look so good at home?

It could be argued that we’re too defensive away from home. Personally I'm not sure that's true.

It certainly wasn't at Doncaster, even when we had ten men.

It could perhaps be down to bad luck, we've certainly had our share of that on the road. Most likely however, it is all about confidence.

When you consider all that went wrong earlier in the year, it can’t be that surprising that a few of our players seem to lack a bit of swagger.

So much was expected of them at the start of the season and it all went so very wrong. At home they have started to play like they believe in themselves again but that's with a crowd on their side and their families in the stand.

Away, they remain a bit nervy, particularly when the away support get going and the referees start to ignore their appeals.

You can't of course just reinstate confidence in an instant, these things take time. A win or draw at Wigan however, would do wonders in getting that ball rolling.

After all, mathematically we could be in the play-offs by the time we next have a Saturday game at home. (I know we won't be, please don't call me a toilet head for suggesting such a thing.)