Watford's chief executive said those inside the club debated "long and hard" before deciding to increase the price of season tickets for the first time in four years.

Hornets season ticket holders who apply before the end of the club's Early Bird deadline will pay an increase of three per cent on average.

The prices for new applicants and those who do not renew during the two-week period between April 5 and April 19, which covers three home matches, have yet to be released by the club. They are expected to be announced towards the end of the window.

After the Early Bird deadline, tickets will go to a single price whereas in previous years there has been a second renewal price and different sums for new applicants during the Early Bird window.

Scott Duxbury believes the Golden Boys have reached a fair compromise between "showing the supporters they are valued whilst still delivering a commercially growing football club".

Duxbury said: "As chief executive, I have a responsibility to both the supporters of this club and the board of directors to deliver a commercially sustainable and progressive football club. I also have a specific duty to supporters to deliver a competitive and fair season ticket price to ensure they are able to continue supporting this club on its incredible journey.

"Season ticket renewal prices have been frozen for the past three seasons, and we debated long and hard about whether the club as a business could afford to continue to stand still without a price increase.

"After much consideration I believe the fair compromise is a small increase of three per cent (average) for current season ticket holders renewing. This I believe shows the due respect to our supporters and shows how much we value their support whilst still delivering a commercially growing football club.

"There are exciting times ahead, both on and off the field. We would like to thank all of our 12,000 season ticket holders for their loyalty this season and hope they will see fit to support us once again because without your support we cannot achieve our goals.

"As I said when we first came to the club, if we are all together then we can achieve great things."

Watford have more than 12,000 season ticket holders this season - the first time that has happened since the Hornets’ Premier League campaign in 2006/2007.

Once again it is cheapest for fans to renew online or in person and there is an increase by paying via direct debit, which you can do over a ten-month period.

There are 4,312 adult season ticket holders in the Rookery and Lower Rous, which account for more than a third of the total number. For that group, if they renew online or in person then there will be an increase of just over 3.1 per cent this season to £366, which in real terms means an extra £11.

It will cost an adult in the Upper Rous £474, an increase of £14, and in the Family Stand it has gone up £9 to £324.

There are 1,700 supporters who had previously not bought a season ticket in the last decade and if they do renew, they would effectively receive a deduction. For example, last summer new adult applicants in the Rookery or Lower Rous paid £385 during the Early Bird window and the renewal sum this time around is £366.

A full list of renewal prices can be seen below.

Watford Observer: Season ticket pricing

Watford have not included the prices for the East Stand as the club say they have yet to decide on the "long-term pricing policy". However, the Hornets have confirmed pricing for the East Stand will be similar to the Rookery and Lower Rous.

The Golden Boys insist they will adhere to the East Stand 'move-back promise' made under a previous regime.

Fans who want to go back or those who are keen to move to the East Stand next season, are asked to renew in their current seat and they will have a chance to swap during a 'movement window' at the end of the season.

Current season ticket holders can renew between April 5 and April 19 in person at Vicarage Road, by calling 01923 223023 or by visiting watfordfctickets.co.uk.

Season Ticket sales are subject to Watford’s terms and conditions, which can be downloaded from the club’s website.

Click here for a PDF of the club's season ticket document.