With Lucas Neill unlikely to feature again for Watford, his Hornets career could amount to a total of just six minutes. But how does he compare to other players in the club’s history?

The defender has this afternoon joined Doncaster Rovers on loan until April 22 - just over a month after he signed for Watford.

However, his brief appearance for the Hornets is not the shortest in the club’s history, with Andrei Stepanov playing for only five minutes in 2009 during Brendan Rodgers’ reign .

Below is a list of all the players who took to the pitch for Watford who featured for less than one half of a football match:

5 minutes A.Stepanov

6 minutes L.E Neill 

7 minutes E.J.Godfrey

7 minutes T.O.James

8 minutes F.W.Forde

8 minutes J.Pearce

10 minutes R.S.Kiernan

11 minutes F.J.A.Cassidy

14 minutes G.Donnellan

15 minutes C.S.Seanla

17 minutes J.G.Watt

18 Minutes A.E.Ferrell

19 minutes C.G.Powell

20 minutes K.W.C.Brooks

23 minutes S.M.L.Brooker

27 minutes C.R.Simpson

28 minutes E.A.M.O.A.Oshodi

32 minutes E.J.Denton

33 minutes K.E.Forbes

33 minutes J.P.Furie

36 minutes D.V.Irvin

37 minutes R.L.Svarc

37 minutes R.G.Flash

41 minutes C.R.P.Davenport

42 minutes A.D.Rivers

45 minutes D.S.Allder

45 minutes G.M.Fitzgerald

45 minutes M.A.Robson

Statistics from www.watfordfcarchive.com.