The Hornets have announced a partnership with the GSK Human Performance Lab which will work closely with the Watford medical team to develop players’ individual training and recovery programmes.

The on-going partnership with the Lab, which is based in Brentford, has seen players undergo saliva and blood tests before and after training while further tests have taken place prior to matches.

The Lab’s scientists will measure the players’ stress responses to match-day tests through hormone analysis.

By further assessing hormone ratios during different training sessions, individual training and recovery strategies for first-team squad players will be implemented.

Watford’s medical staff and sport scientists will closely monitor the results and will travel to the Lab for monthly feedback sessions with the GSK scientists.

Watford’s head of medical, Marco Cesarini, told the club website: "Working with the Lab allows us to really understand the key drivers behind athletic performance on the pitch.

"Better understanding of the science behind performance will add to the processes we already have in place and will help our players to maximise their capabilities."

The Hornets have not revealed the finances of the partnership with the Lab, which was opened last October.

The Lab’s other partnerships include Brentford FC, Harlequins and London 2012 triathlon gold and bronze medals winners Jonny and Alistair Brownlee.

Watford’s Commercial Director, Alan McTavish, told the club website: "We are delighted to welcome the GSK Human Performance Lab into our club partner portfolio, it is fantastic to have such a world class facility, with its team of experts ready to assist and complement our own backroom team."

Mark Langley, general manager of the Lab, added: "It’s great to be working with Watford. Our aim is to give them a greater understanding of what can drive and improve their performance."