I don't think there were many of us who believed Watford were still in a promotion race prior to the Burnley game but when you go 1-0 up against a good side, all common sense starts to disappear.

You start to look at other results. You do your maths. You dare to dream. At half time I started to talk play-offs again, like a deluded fool.

Of course, as per usual this season, we conceded late and to be honest I'm just surprised we didn’t go on to lose.

It was all the more annoying as we had some good chances to wrap the three points up. That ball Ikechi Anya kicked towards the open net trickled so slowly toward the line, the eagle eyed in the Vicarage Road End may have observed a chipper looking snail casually overtaking it.

Talking of the eagle eyed...

Stuart Attwell

It was perhaps unfair of the footballing authorities to give Attwell this game to referee. The poor little lamb was under instant pressure not to make an error from the very start. Of course it was only going to end badly.

It was so sad to see our in-form player, Christian Battochio, exit the pitch as he did. I guess that will be the end of the season for our little number seven.

But Attwell allowed play to continue for countless seconds before Battocchio could receive treatment. Poor refereeing at The Vic again from our least favourite referee.

Sean Dyche

I don't think any Watford fans feel anything but delight at Dyche's Burnley going up.

His team played like Dyche's Watford and they're overachieving like Dyche's Watford.

They'll probably struggle next year but will have fun, so who cares? Oddly I still think it was the right thing for him to go when he did, for both the Hornets and Sean Dyche.

He was not the Pozzos’ man and if he had stayed, even the slightest string of bad results may have led to his sacking.

Would he have got a job like the Burnley one then? Possibly not.

Instead he left head held high, his CV looking good and walked into a cracking job where his talent has been able to develop. I'm glad he's going up, but SD please don't buy...

Troy Deeney

I thought Deeney was excellent on Saturday, which is almost a shame, as I guess it’s looking increasingly likely somebody will come in for him.

That somebody could be Premier League Burnley I guess, who need at least one other striker and will probably be raiding the Championship for talent.

I’m sure Dyche wouldn’t play him out on the wing again like old times.

I really hope Troy doesn't go, as we've learned the hard way this season... some players are just irreplaceable short term.

Not only that, Vydra's coming back next year (isn't he? Right? Right? Please, please, just say yes) and we all know how lethal that partnership was.