Beppe Sannino has questioned whether the Watford players are showing enough passion.

The Hornets head coach also stressed being good technically is not enough and stated the squad need to show pride and courage when playing for the club.

He was speaking last night after the 3-1 defeat to Charlton Athletic, three days after he had questioned his players' commitment following a woeful showing at Derby County.

Sannino had said on Monday that the final two matches of the season would be "exams" for the squad and he would have an eye on which players deserved to be in the squad next season.

But whilst yesterday's display was a marginal improvement on the weekend, they were outplayed for most of the match by strugglers Charlton.

The Hornets' slim play-off hopes ended at the weekend whereas The Addicks needed victory to secure their Championship status, and Sannino was asked if he thought that was evident based on the two sides' respective displays.

"I am sorry no; because with me [in charge] that should never happen," Sannino said. "We need to have respect for the people behind the goal and in the stands. You must wear the shirt in the best way possible in every game even if we do not have any targets to achieve."

Sannino is a passionate man and that is evident on the touchline. A player's desire to succeed is often harder to assess from the stands.

The Golden Boys boss was asked if he believes the Hornets players shared his passion based on the last two performances.

"I have respect for my players but what we have done, if you look at the results, isn’t good enough. We have to work," Sannino responded.

After not answering the question directly, he was asked again.

"It is obvious this season we have had a different run at home compared to away. Then we had another problem of conceding goals in the last minutes of games.

"Because I am a demanding guy and I wanted to find a solution, I put my faith in the group every time. But it is important that I give a message: that is that we cannot forget easily that there are people travelling on long journeys and they want to see a club, myself and the team, play away from home with the same desire and the same approach.

"It is not only about quality in football, you need pride and courage and sometimes when you lose a game, you have to be sad. You have to remember this the day after, and again the day after. You don’t forget.

"This is the kind of team that I would like to have; a team that can repay the effort of the club and the supporters.

"Because I am responsible and I am leading the group, I am demanding more effort."

Watford's head of medical Marco Cesarini acts as Sannino's translator and asked if the response answered the question.

When it was met with a reply of "sort of", Sannino went on to add: "The answer [the question] you should give from your point of view is if you see the same passion from the players on the pitch."

He added: "You see the passion on the touchline and you should be able to see the same passion from the team."

Sannino cancelled the Watford players’ day off today and stated the club needs to "build a team for next season with a different DNA".

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