Watford's captain and star striker insist the team remain behind Beppe Sannino despite the head coach failing to receive a reaction from his players during three demoralising displays in recent weeks.

Sannino demanded a response from his team on several occasions after very poor performances against Derby County and Charlton Athletic.

The likeable Italian continuously talks about the importance of playing for the supporters and he stressed that point last week ahead of their final home game of the season.

However, Saturday’s 4-1 defeat to Huddersfield Town was arguably Watford's worst performance for several years and there appeared to be a lack of desire from the players.

Sannino had demanded a reaction after each of the final trio of games and when striker Troy Deeney was asked if the performances suggested the players may not be playing for Sannino, he stated: “That’s very much wide of the mark. 

“What I’ve learnt in the last 18 months is in Italy there is a culture where you win a game and it’s a fantastic week. Then you lose a game and the world has ended.

“Football rules life and the gaffer is emotional when we lose a game.

“I think that is just the way the interviews come out. I think the gaffer will learn that as well and next year he probably won’t be so critical in interviews.

“It’s a culture shock though. He’s only been here six months and it’s still new to him.

“Next season I think, if we have a few English boys to supplement the talent we’ve already got – who themselves will have two years experience – then there could be exciting times ahead.”

Captain Manuel Almunia, who missed the last three matches of the season due to injury, was also asked if Sannino has the full support of the players, who had a heated disagreement with the club’s management last week regarding plans to delay their summer break.

He replied: “One thing is clear in this team; it’s full of nice people and people who try to help whoever is on the bench. I have no doubts about this.

“If you go to every player, then I don’t know all their opinions about the manager. But they are committed to the manager that is in charge and we are professionals who have to work for the club and the manager.

“They weren’t bad performances because we wanted to make it difficult for the manager. He is a good man and we believe he is a good manager.”

Alumina also praised Sannino for his tactical preparation in training.

He said: “When he came we worked a lot tactically. We worked hard for many hours on pitch and we improved a lot.

“The manager is surrounded by very good people and they deserve to have good things in football.”

However, Almunia did acknowledge there had been “some barriers” with the Hornets’ head coach due to the language difference.

Sannino was given an 18-month contract when he joined Watford in December.

But he was asked if he had received any reassurances from the club’s directors and owners surrounding his future after the Huddersfield Town game, and again this week.

On Tuesday he reiterated his comment from the weekend, when he said: “I have a contract for next season but I am not the person who holds the contract.

“I was asked to change the situation and spin our season. For one part of the season we have been able to do it but in the last four games we have been making the same mistakes.”