Beppe Sannino believes he was taught a lot by the Watford supporters at the club’s awards dinner and says he couldn’t imagine a similar event taking place in Italy.

Sannino said: “I met the fans and they were able to make me feel their support. It’s a fantastic experience and I have a very good connection with the supporters.

“It was a beautiful night. The club and the supporters taught me a lot. In Italy you can’t imagine doing these things.

“It was like a party after a fantastic season where you win the title. This is a lesson for people who come from abroad.”

Sannino gave a speech at Sunday’s event thanking the fans, players, backroom staff, the Pozzos, local media and Marco Cesarini. 

When asked about his speech, Sannino replied: “You saw my performance; I was a little bit agitated because I was speaking in front of many people on the stage in a different language.

“I was a little bit worried but whatever you do, you do it with your heart even if there are mistakes.

“Everybody was silent during the speech so I think they understood what I was trying to say.”