It will be “very important” for Beppe Sannino to learn fluent English over the summer, according to Hornets club captain Manuel Almunia.

Sannino, who had previously only worked in his native Italy, was appointed Watford head coach in December and was unable to speak English.

He has undergone lessons since his arrival and has attempted to answer questions in English during press conferences.

Head of medical Marco Cesarini has been used as a translator for Sannino but Almunia says it’s vital for the Hornets’ head coach to speak fluent English as soon as possible.

Speaking as part of an extended interview, when Almunia praised Sannino, the goalkeeper explained: “It will be very important for him to learn good English in the summer because for us it is important to have a manager who can speak fluent English.

“It makes everything easier and things get done quicker. The work will get better every day but I think the language is the main problem [when it comes to Sannino] with us.”

Despite not speaking fluent English, Sannino’s passion and enthusiasm for his job is evident when he is on the touchline.

Almunia says the players like the Italian but admits it’s been difficult on the training pitch at times.

He said: “There were some barriers, mainly because of the language. It’s not easy to manage a team using a translator.

“It’s hard for him because of that problem but for us it’s also hard. Everything takes longer – the explanations and instructions – but the team doesn’t have anything against the manager.

“We like him as a person and manager but football can be very difficult.”

Sannino has apologised for being unable to speak English fluently throughout his time at Watford and continues to have lessons.

When asked about his plans for the summer, the head coach replied: “My holidays will not be so long because I need to improve my English and I am planning to have [more] English lessons.

“Next season I will answer in English, Marco will only translate the questions because the difficult part is understanding the question.”