The season is over and now we can take time to review, reflect and enjoy a well-deserved break - just as it appeared the players were doing before they were rudely interrupted by a 12.15 match with Huddersfield Town.

But I digress, now is not the time to look back but rather to look forward.

First things first, who will be in charge next season?

I imagine the Pozzo’s will continue with Beppe. Despite being unable to completely turn around our season after Gianfranco Zola’s departure he did manage to improve the performances, particularly at home.

Off the back of this he may be given a chance to have a full campaign to show what he can do.

I commend Sannino’s efforts but I don’t think he is the right man to be in charge. And I believe the 3-5-2 formation isn’t the right one for the Championship as it relies too much on wing-backs.

Call me an old traditionalist but I feel a formation based around the conventional 4-4-2 system would be more appropriate in this league.

I’d also prefer a strong British manager at the helm who has experience in the Football League, perhaps backed up with an up and coming Italian number two. However, this is very unlikely to happen.

So instead I will list the issues which I think Sanninio will have to address if he wants the 2014/2015 season to be a successful one.


The 3-5-2 formation is one that initially brought us great success under Zola. However, I think it’s time for a change.

The problem is several times during the season the formation has shown to be predictable and easy to counter.

I think Sannino either needs to work out a way to stop this happening (especially in the last ten minutes of games) or experiment with different styles.


As we know, this is more Gian Luca Nani’s area. We must make every effort to keep Troy Deeney at the club and it’s good to hear we’re trying to sign Daniel Tozser permanently.

But if we’re unable to keep both, replacements must be found quickly so they can settle into the squad during pre-season.

I also feel we need someone with pace up front, Vydra perhaps? A quick striker would be an extremely useful asset as would another commanding center back similar to Gabriele Angella.


Watford have never been a dirty side yet this season the Hornets are top of the table for yellow cards and had six players sent off.

From memory, most of these cards were picked up for silly and miss-timed offences rather than malicious ones.

I believe the reason for these silly tackles is related to tactics. All too often our players are caught out of position and therefore have no option but to commit a foul.

If we correct the tactics, our discipline should improve and we should receive fewer cards next season.

Squad Harmony

I was surprised to read about the row behind scenes after the players were told they would have to do extra training after the season ended.

While I’m not sure if extra training would even be beneficial, it’s worrying this ended in a big disagreement between the players and management.

It makes you wonder about the relationship between the squad and Sannino. Are they all behind him? If not it could affect a promotion charge next season if the Italian remains in charge.