Season-ticket holders at Vicarage Road will have the opportunity to move seats from Wednesday of next week - but movement into the new Watford Community Stand is to be dealt with separately.

The Hornets have promised to adhere to the East Stand 'move-back promise' but details about his this will be handled are to be released in due course.

A £10 administration charge is payable per each seat movement, whether it is on an individual or group basis, but those with an 'East Stand promise' should note this is only chargeable once. So there is the option to move now and then move again into the new stand "once other commitments have been honoured".

Around 10,500 season tickets have currently been sold, including approximately 600 new applicants, so there are in the region of 2,000 unrenewed season-ticket holder seats which will now be released for the 'seat movement window'.

Once the window has closed, new season-ticket holders for next season will be allocated seats on a 'best available' basis, with the ticket office taking into account any preference stated on purchase.

All 'seat movement window' contact should be made via the ticket office hotline on 01923 223023.