Watford Ladies held their annual six-a-side tournament on Sunday with more than 100 teams in action at the event and there was success for the Golden Girls who clinched the Premier Cup.

The Hornets’ first-team side defeated a Watford development team 2-0 in the semi-final of the competition before they overcame Leicester City A 2-1 in the final.

Garston Mets performed well at the tournament and their teams were victorious in the Under-10s and Under-11s categories.

The Mets also finished as the runner-up in the Under-9s category which was won by Kinja FC.

Only one final was decided on penalties and it was Under-13s side Kinja Rockets who held their nerve from the spot to seal victory against Harvesters.

The game ended 0-0 in normal time before Rockets went on to record a 4-1 win in the shoot-out.

Watford Hornets Yellow required extra-time in the Under-16s final but they were eventually crowned champions after they beat Winchester Flyers 2-1.

There was a win for Ruislip Blues in the Under-12 age category while Hampstead Pearls clinched victory in the Under-14 competition.

Vale Reds lifted the Under-15s trophy while Brentford were crowned champions in the Community Cup, which was open to all ages.

The event was well received with around 2,500 spectators watching on during the tournament, which was held at Sun Postal Football Club.


Under-9s teams played on a league basis. Winners by one point were Kinja FC with Garston Mets very closely in runners up spot.


Semi-final: Ruslip Blues defeated Watford Reds 3-2 on penalties.

Semi-final: Garston Mets B 0 Garston Mets A 1.

Final: Garston Mets A 1 Ruislip Blues 0.


Semi-final: LOASS 1 Harpenden Colts 0.

Semi-final: Garston Mets 1 Garston Diamonds 0.

Final: LOASS 0 Garston Mets 1.


Semi-final: Colne Valley defeated Harvesters Blue 6-5 on penalties.

Semi-final: Ruislip Clarets 0 Ruislip Blues 3. Final: Colne Valley 0 Ruislip Blues 3.


Semi-final: Kinja Rockets 1 Kinja Thunder 0.

Semi-final: Harvesters 0 Evergreen 0 (Harvesters won 3-1 on penalties).

Final: Kinja Rockets 0 Harvesters 0 (Kinja won 4-1 on penalties).


Semi-final: AET Spurs 0 LOASS 1. Semi-final: Watford Hornets 0 Hampstead Pearls 1. Final: LOASS 0 Hampstead Pearls 2.


Semi-final: Enfield 0 Watford Wasps 0 (Watford Wasps won 3-1 on penalties).

Semi-final: Harvesters 0 Vale Reds 1.

Final: Watford Wasps 0 Vale Reds 1.


Semi-final: Denham Pumas 1 Winchester Flyers 2. Semi-final: Watford Hornets Yellow 1 Watford Hornets Red 0.

Final: Winchester Flyers 1 Watford Hornets Yellow 2 (after extra-time).

Premier Cup

Semi-final: Watford 2 Watford Development 0.

Semi-final: Leicester City B 0 Leicester City A 0 (Leicester City A won 3-2 on penalties).

Final: Watford 2 Leicester City A 1.

Community Cup

Semi-final: Brentford 3 Trinity 1.

Semi-final: Harvesters 0 Watford Reds 0 (Harvesters won 3-2 on penalties).

Final: Brentford 3 Harvesters 0.