A poppy mosaic which will span the Rookery has been organised by the 1881 movement to remember the 12 Watford players who served in World War One.

A total of 6,960 ‘foils’ will be placed on fans’ seats prior to a home match around Remembrance Day which, when held up, will reveal a poppy on a black and white background.

The 1881 used money raised from last season to pay for the mosaic, which costs £450.

The movement’s Roy Moore hopes the tribute will unite Watford fans in remembering those who lost their lives in the Great War.

He said: “I will be very proud and hopefully everything goes smoothly. It will be a very poignant tribute and one that every supporter can get behind.

“We’re going to need 50 fans to come down three hours before kick-off to set out the foils, hopefully we will find people who are willing to do that.

“And perhaps other supporters will see what we’ve done and follow suit but we couldn’t have done it without Watford’s help because the club have been really good to us.”

Moore added the movement plan to organise a ‘Watford FC foil’ but said there is currently no fixed date set for when that would take place.

The 1881 have a vote on who will appear on a legends banner which will display Graham Taylor and eight of the club’s greatest players. To vote visit www.the1881.com