A Winter Olympic medallist helped present the awards as some of the area's brightest young sporting talent was recognised last night.

The Three Rivers and Watford School Sports Partnership held their annual awards at Rickmansworth's Watersmeet Theatre where Jenny Jones was the guest speaker.

The Sochi 2014 SlopeStyle bronze medallist spoke enthusiastically and passionately as she told her story of how she had progressed from being a young gymnast and athlete to become the first Briton to win an Olympic medal on snow in the snowboard event.

A three times gold medallist in the European and American X Games, the sporting event focusing on extreme sports, the 33-year-old then handed over the prizes to the winners across 12 categories to the nominees who had been put forward by their school for their achivements throughout the past year.

There were first, second and third places for eight awards while the Young Sportsmanship was presented as a roll of honour to students that display determination, motivation and helping others learn. Play Buddy of the Year and Play Leader of the Year awards - also a roll of honour - were handed over to students that show commitment and motivation to their peers to promote physical activity at lunch times.

School Games organiser Sam Berry said: "The awards evening is a fantastic opportunity to promote the amazing achievements of the young people within our schools. We were very fortunate to have Jenny Jones come along and present; she was an inspiration to the children."

Rickmansworth School's Will Eggleton won the male award for outstanding achievement in Key Stage 3 to 5 after gaining national recognition in water polo while the female equivalent was presented to another student from the school, Chloe McCarthy. She is the East of England indoor champion for 200m and 300m as well as the County indoor champion over 300m.

Divine Saviour's Ondine Achampong, a member of the Home Nations Development gymnastics squad, won the outstanding achievement accolade at Key Stage 2 while there was double success in the sport for Royal Masonic School for Girls at the awards. The Under-11 squad won the Key Stage 2 Team of the Year and the Key Stage 3 to 5 honour was claimed by the school's senior gymastics squad.

Formed in 2005, the partnership is a collaboration of 48 infant, primary, secondary and special schools aimed at increasing participation in PE and school sport.

Photographs from the event are available from www.simonslaterphotography.com

Young Sportsmanship Award (roll of honour): Alfie Ball (Tanners Wood JMI); Jade Sansby (Maple Cross); Jack Goodall (St Catherine of Siena); Henry Stannard (St Mary's C of E); Oliver French (Chorleywood); Neo Moise (St Josephs RC); Aaron Yaman (Divine Saviour); Troy Lemarie (Sarratt); Cariad Sutcliffe (Havey Road); Kex Fitzhugh-Lamb (Yorke Mead); Grace Barker Roberts (Rickmansworth Park); Anya Kotecha (St Meryl); Matthew Taylor (Parkgate Junior).

Key Stage 2 Team of the Year: 1, Royal Masonic Under-11 gymnastics squad; 2, Harvey Road Year 6 basketball team; 3, Rickmansworth Park Year 3 and 4 tennis team. Also nominated: Arnett Hills football team; Chorleywood tag rugby team; Tanners Wood girls football team; Little Green Year 5 tri-golf team.

Key Stage 3 to 5 Team of the Year: 1, Royal Masonic senior gymnastics team; 2, St Clement Danes senior rugby team; 3, Parmiter's Year 7 rugby team. Also nominated: St Joan of Arc Year 7 boys rugby team.

Play Buddy of the Year (roll of honour): Amy Boreham, Rachel Burditt, Liam Brady, Evie Barak and Hayleigh Gilbert (all Malvern Way Infant and Nursery School); Ella Foster, Joshua Dunton, Carter Wray, Emma Watson and Varvara Baranova (all Kingsway Infant School).

Play Leader of the Year (roll of honour): Nia Parry (Rickmansworth Park); Liza Moran (St Josephs); Jayne Thomas (Maple Cross); Hayley Treen (Arnett Hills); Nadine Mawn (St Catherine of Siena); Holly Beatie (Chorleywood); Lexia Manson-Bishop (Sarratt); Ajoy Dey (Yoke Mead); Rhys Hatch (Alban Wood); Keira Sutton (Divine Saviour); Keira-Leigh Gearing (Harvey Road); Charlie Sullivan (Little Green); Silas Webb (Parkgate Junior); Melissa Coates (Orchard).

Key Stage 3 Young Leader of the Year: 1, Ellie Boad (Parmiter's); 2, Georgette Orford (St Joan of Arc); 3, Jack Upton (Francis Combe). Also nominated: Syed Manzoor (Rickmansworth).

Key Stage 4 Young Leader of the Year: 1, Josh Harnett (St Joan of Arc); 2, Lucy Beech (Parmiter's); 3, Fran Farlie (Royal Masonic). Also nominated: David Wylie (Francis Combe); Mia O'Connell (St Clement Danes); Tom Parry (St Clement Danes).

Key Stage 5 Young Leader of the Year: 1, Joe Higgins (Rickmansworth); 2, Charlie Walker (St Clement Danes); 3, Laura Bell (Parmiter's).

Key Stage 2 Outstanding Achievement Award: 1, Ondine Achampong (Divine Saviour); 2, Marli Jessop (Yorke Mead); 3, Daisy Harvey (Maple Cross). Also nominated: Blaaze Lawrence (Arnett Hills); Paco Molina Shires (Harvey Road); Holly Parkes (Rickmansworth Park); Freya Witheat (Royal Masonic); Lilly McDonnell (St Josephs).

Key Stage 3 to 5 Outstanding Achievement Award - Female: 1, Chloe McCarthy (Rickmansworth); 2, Briar Snelling (Francis Combe); 3, Rebecca Sykes (Parmiter's). Also nominated: Zoe Ramsay (St Clement Danes); Remi Jessop (St Joan of Arc); Sophie Faulkner (Royal Masonic).

Key Stage 3 to 5 Oustanding Achivement Award - Male: 1, Will Eggleton (Rickmansworth); 2, George O'Malley (St Joan of Arc); 3, Jamie Fisher (Francis Combe). Also nominated: Thomas Patrick (Parmiter's).