Elliott Matthews hopes to head to Floyd Mayweather Junior's gym in Las Vegas next month but the Rickmansworth fighter remains focused on this Saturday’s fight at the Camden Centre.

The 33-year-old boxes at the Final Frontier show and despite only finding out he will face Attila Tibor Nagy on Tuesday, he is confident of victory.

“I was supposed to be fighting a lad from Northern Ireland, Dee Taggart, but he went AWOL and nobody was able to get in contact with him,” Matthews explained.

“So I’ll be facing somebody else (Tibor Nagy). Either way it doesn’t affect me too much. I am going to box my own fight, use some of the things I’ve worked on in the gym and I am very confident I will win.”

He continued: “After that I am hoping to go out to Las Vegas for a training camp in August at Floyd Mayweather Junior's gym because it will help me improve as a fighter.

“I am hopeful I will be able to afford to go because I want to go and have sparring sessions there. I know they will benefit me.”

The middleweight, who is Southern Area champion, will hope to extend his unbeaten record to 13 bouts on Saturday and admits there is pressure to keep that zero in the losses column.

Matthews, who will box out of Mickey Helliet’s LimeHouse Marina Elite Gym from October, says he has struggled in the past to focus solely on boxing due to his work as a personal trainer.

He said: “It’s not easy having to work and train in the gym for fights.

“I’ve made boxing my priority now but that makes it more difficult when it comes to making money.

“But I know that it’s something that I have to do if I want to get better. Sometimes when I was working I would come to training and I wouldn’t be fully committed of focused, that’s something I had to change.”