To be a Watford fan…

11:00am Tuesday 17th February 2009

By Carl McCormick

After all the years of ups and downs, the frustration, the anger and the absolute blind belief that we can achieve the unachievable, I’ve been reminded exactly what it is that draws me in week after week. It’s days like Saturday, one of the best I’ve had at Vicarage Road in the 30 odd years I’ve been going and it made me reflect on what it means to me to be a Watford supporter.

In my case I feel a very strong bond to the club; born in Watford General, being taken by my Dad to every home game from the age of 5, an appearance as a mascot and then taking part in the halftime shoot out when Watford beat Liverpool 2-1 (John Barnes scored at the Vicarage Rd end with a superb free kick and I scored at the rookery end!) and now being able to take my own sons cement my attachment to the club.

The 7-1 drubbing of Southampton, the FA Cup Final, playing in Europe and the Playoff Finals, these are the things that keep me going, the good times. I forget the immediate pain of losses, relegation and the boardroom shenanigans but the memories stay with me in some way and let me appreciate the good times even more so.

I would hate to be a Man Utd fan all they do is win. Where is the turmoil and nervousness, surely you can’t experience real highs if you don’t have any true lows? And the falseness of many supporters who have no ties to these big clubs astounds me; the glory hunters who like sheep just follow a herd. I hear people talk about ‘my team’ and they’ve never been to the area in their life let alone go to a live match. I feel sorry for these ‘fans’.

They are missing out. To me Watford are like having another member of the family, one you can never rely on, one that gets drunk and lets you down but once in a while will turn up with a fantastic present and give you a day to remember. You love them because it’s in your blood.

The high for me following Priskin’s goal on Saturday will keep me believing for years to come, I believed we could do it and for 5 glorious minutes we did. In our 3-quarter stadium with the world looking on we were beating one of the richest clubs in the world and for effort and desire alone we deserved it.

The build up of tension prior to the goal as we rode our luck and the release following it was immense. It’s a day I’ll never forget and who cares if we lost, the team gave their all and another wonderful memory is stored away to be retrieved when required.

Watford ‘till I die.


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