Watford co-owner Gino Pozzo has stressed his family will not jeopardise the club's future in an attempt to reach the Premier League.

The Pozzo family took over Watford in the summer to take their tally of clubs to three following their previous acquisition of Udinese and Granada.

Pozzo said: "Football is a long-term project. You never know what is going to happen in one or two years. That is not a time frame where you are able to develop a plan.

"You definitely need a long-term approach and you have to be able to change your vision depending on how things develop, as there is a difference between being in the Championship and being in the Premier League.

"We are definitely going to aim for the Premier League but we do not want to jeopardise the club’s finance or the way the club is run to do it. Sometimes when you push things too much, it just will not work in the long term.

"We definitely want to build something that is going to be stable in the Premier League and in order to do that, you have got to do things one step at a time and that is our objective.

"I think this is a club that can grow much further in the Premier League and can be a club where we can recognise our values and can grow our values inside the club."

Pozzo's comments were made during an interview with the Watford Observer on Wednesday. Part one of the interview is in this week's paper which is on sale now.

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