"I don't give a ***** what they are doing personally," was Mick McCarthy's response when he was asked about Watford's recruitment policy this season.

The Hornets' decision to loan 14 players in the summer has led to criticism from sections of the media and those working in football.

This has resulted in Watford head coach Gianfranco Zola and opposition managers being asked the same questions about the loan situation on a weekly basis.

Ipswich boss McCarthy is renowned for his no-nonsense approach and when asked about the Golden Boys' recruitment policy, he responded with: "I don't give a ***** what they are doing personally.

"If it is within the rules, it is within the rules. Let them get on with it. They are talking about changing the rules, so what.

"We played against a better team than us who did everything within the rules of the game.

"He has a good side there Gianfranco and he is a great fella. You are not going to have me moaning about it."

The above quote is not included in the audio from McCarthy's press conference but you can hear more comments from the Ipswich manager below.