Watford's chief executive Scott Duxbury expects the whole East Stand structure to be in place for the start of next season but isn't concerned if a part opening for the first game of the campaign isn't possible.

Last week we reported how the new stand would almost certainly be opening in sections after decisions to change the design had extended the amount of time needed to complete the building project.

Watford had initially hoped to open part of 'The Watford FC Community Stand' in January this year before full completion this summer.

But the club decided to extend the stand the full length of the pitch, rather than up until the penalty spot at the Vicarage Road end as initially planned, and then enlarge the changing rooms.

The old East Stand section which still remains is currently being demolished and the extension at the Vicarage Road end will be installed during the first week of July.

Watford's website included quotes from Duxbury this morning saying the stand would be finished "as soon as practical".

He continued: "It is therefore anticipated the entire structure will be in place for the start of the new season - although finishing work to enable the stand to be fully open for supporters will continue for several weeks after this.

"We decided some time ago to implement changes to the original design brief to deliver a far more enhanced structure for our needs. These decisions were made with the full knowledge that the final completion date could be put back.

"However I would sooner deliver a structure we can all be proud of than work to an arbitrary deadline that, quite frankly, does not have to be met."

He added: "Clearly the start of the new season is an important date and if we can achieve a part opening of the stand for this then that's great.

"However if this date can not be met because of the new design improvements then this does not concern me. It's precisely for this reason we have not pre-sold or pre-allocated any seats in the new stand.

"I would sooner have the completion date put back a few weeks and deliver a stand for the long-term benefit of the club and, most importantly, our supporters."