Perhaps Marco Silva's departure from Vicarage Road, when it comes, could be in lighter mood than many of his recent predecessors - because Watford winger Richarlison is tipping the 40-year-old to become one of the best coaches in the world "very soon".

The pair have only been working together since mid-August, but Richarlison has not held back in praising his new head coach.

He has previously made clear the decision to join Watford, and in the process turn down Champions League side Ajax, was in-part due to the presence of Silva who, with the Brazilian unable to speak English, has been able to aid his transition by communicating in his mother tongue.

But the reason Richarlison speaks so highly of the head coach is nothing to do with Silva's multi-lingual abilities - although it automatically puts him above Walter Mazzarri in the eyes of many - and instead his attention to detail on the training pitch, which the 20-year-old believes could put him on the same pedastal as compatriot Jose Mourinho soon enough.

Speaking to Portuguese newspaper O Jogo, he said: “Sure enough, he has the capacity for it. His professionalism delighted me. We can expect that Marco will be among the best coaches in the world very soon.

"We have a very good relationship. When the players don’t understand the tactical part of the game, for example, he takes you one-on-one and explains what he wants. He prioritises the tactical part.

"Some days ago he took me to his office and told me everything that I needed to hear. This helped me very, very much. When I go on the pitch I remember his words in that conversation.”