Watford have been "tempted" by the idea of dishing out a proportion of overseas Premier League TV money to clubs depending on their finishing position, despite the fact it would have lost them £9 million in revenue last season.

The 20 top flight clubs met in London yesterday to discuss the proposals, brought forward by the 'big six' comprising Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.

Few other clubs have been interested in such a change - which would affect £273 million of prize money - and their reluctance is holding up the proposals, which require two-thirds approval to succeed.

The Press Association reports Watford and Newcastle have begun to come around to the idea, perhaps given the Hornets' bright start to the season, but state only Everton, Leicester and West Ham have been won-over to date.

With little progress made across the league as a whole, the clubs will now discuss a compromise amongst themselves before the next meeting of owners in November.

Under current rules, the £781 million overseas bounty is split equally between each club in the Premier League, but the big six feel this subsidises teams further down the league.

Premier League CEO Richard Scudamore has acted as a go-between for them and the rest of the division and proposed a compromise at yesterday's meeting, which would see 35 per cent of the pot divided up in that way, and 65 per cent still split equally.

Finishing fourth from bottom in 2016/17 would have left Watford £9 million short of the prize pot they collected last season, while champions Chelsea would have pocket a cool £12 million extra.