Volunteers for a national children’s charity are preparing to help keep children safe from abuse in the new school year.

The NSPCC reached more than 37,000 primary school children as young as four in Hertfordshire.

The Speak Out Stay Safe programme helped volunteers speak to 37,692 children across 158 primary schools in the county in the last school year.

Pupils are taught about different forms of child abuse including neglect, bullying and physical and sexual abuse.

The assemblies takes pupils from reception, year one and year two as well as more in-depth interactive talks and workshops with older students.

The scheme uses the charity’s mascot Buddy to contact Childline or speak to a trusted adult about their concerns.

NSPCC Schools Service Coordinator Wendy Pimblett said: “It’s important that children all over the country are empowered about how to speak out and stay safe from abuse.

“Our team of volunteers do a fantastic job to give children this vital knowledge in a fun, age appropriate way.

“The Speak Out Stay Safe scheme can help protect a generation of children from abuse and neglect and we are always looking for volunteers and schools to sign up to take part in this vital programme.”

To apply to volunteer with the NSPCC, or if teachers want to sign their school up for a visit, email wendy.pimblett@nspcc.org.uk