CYCLISTS using a new bike route in St Albans are at risk because signs warning of a dangerous junction are not yet in place.

The new route takes bikes along the London Road pavement, but Hertfordshire Highways admits it would be hazardous to cycle across Grosvenor Road, where the view round the corner is blocked by a wall.

St Albans cyclist Peter Wares said: "The sight lines are very bad. A driver at the roundabout would not be able to see a cyclist about to cross Grosvenor Road.

"Cyclists would be better off just going across the roundabout on London Road."

He said a driver, who would also have to worry about other traffic on the roundabout, would have only three seconds to react after seeing a cyclist.

A Hertfordshire Highways spokesman said: "The new cycle route has been created to provide a safe route for cyclists travelling along London Road.

"Cyclists are asked to dismount where London Road meets Grovesnor Road and cross as a pedestrian on the existing crossing point.

"The crossing has been widened to further improve visibility and the 'cyclists dismount' signs will be relocated to this section of the route to avoid any confusion."