A WELL-KNOWN Harpenden actor, unhappy at the current state of British TV, is to get behind the camera for his next project.

Mr Albert Moses has appeared in two James Bond movies as well as recent British comedy East is East But now he has decided to help produce a new series of short films.

Mr Moses says television is now made up of boring reality shows, makeover and lifestyle programmes.

He wants to bring drama back to the small screen.

However, his attempts to produce a high quality drama in Britain were doomed by lack of funding available so he set up filming for the 13-part mystery series in Malta.

Mr Moses, of Overstone Road, said: "The production costs and location costs are so high here in the UK that my ambition of using a British cast and crew was out of the question without the backing of a UK television company.

"My solution to this was to have the scripts translated into Maltese and do the shoot on the beautiful islands of Malta and Gozo.

"My intention is to subtitle them in English for the UK market."

The suspense stories are based on the Hitchcock genre with the twist coming in the final scene. Mr Moses says the shows will be family-orientated with no scenes of sex or violence. He will also cameo in each episode as well as sing the title song.

He is also set to showcase one episode at the Cannes Film Festival under the foreign language TV drama category.

Originally from India, Mr Moses has starred alongside some of the biggest names in cinema including Kirk Douglas, Oliver Reed, Sean Connery and Michael Caine.