Let me first of all take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and may 2013 bring good health and happiness to all.

At the Trust it’s our vision is to provide Better Homes, Friendlier Communities….together and on our 5th birthday last year we celebrated the big investment we have made in improving our homes.  This was one of the many promises that we made at transfer and have now achieved.

Over the next 5 years, one of our key objectives is to be community focused in our heartland of Watford and Three Rivers. One way we intend to do this is to set up community hubs in a number of our local community areas.  We will be investing in making them great places for local people to have access to services, education, exercise and a meeting space right on their doorstep.

With this in mind, the Harebreaks Community Hub (previously known as Age Concern) has been having a makeover for the past 3 months.  I have recently visited the hub and I am delighted that it looks really great!

On Saturday 12th January we are having an opening event with our partners The Dan Tien who are moving into part of the building and if you are local to the area please come along, have a look around and enjoy the fun. 

There will also be a special VIP attending……that’s me of course….. and although I am not supposed to know this, the red carpet is being cleaned ready for my special appearance.  I mean why not, when all those cameras start to flash you have to look the business.

The activities are as follows:

1.00   Official Opening by Mayor Dorothy Thornhill
1.15   Performance by The Dan Tien’s Junior Company
1.45   Performance by Mencap
2.00   Contemporary workshop
2.45   Performance by Musical Theatre students – Matilda
3.00   Singing workshop
3.30   Performance by Ballet students followed by The Dan Tien’s Junior Company
3.45   Performance by Street Dance pupils
4.00   Ends

If you have a group, a service or any ideas about hiring space at the Harebreaks please contact the Trust’s New Business Team on 01923 209288.

We are also planning something exciting for our Community Hub in Leavesden but I’ll tell you more about that later in the year.

To find out more information about the Harebreaks Community Hub or anything else happening at the Trust, please contact me on trusty.house@wcht.org.uk.


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