Co-parenting / shared parenting is wonderful when it works. 

Whether you are the child’s legal parent is determined based on how, when and where the insemination took place.  

Going through artificial insemination at home is not a difficult process when you have found a sperm donor.  It is easy to get lost in the excitement and not think about the boring legal bit. 

I have created a step-by-step guide.  In this order:-

1. Think about how you wish to create a family.  It may be that one of you will go through an artificial insemination at home with a sperm donor or, go through an artificial insemination at a clinic. You may decide that one of you donates eggs to create an embryo with a sperm donor using IVF procedures and the other will carry the child. 

2. Decide who will be the legal parents of the child and take legal advice on how to make sure that this happens.   If you have a known sperm donor, you need to agree what role each of you will play in the child’s life.  More than two adults can have legal responsibility for a child.   If you do not want the donor to become the legal father of the child, you need to get legal advice to ensure that he does not become the legal father by default.   

3. Get a co-parenting agreement and secure legal advice before signing it.

4. Start the artificial insemination process. 

It is no coincidence that the co-parenting cases we read about are ones where none of the parties had legal advice before the insemination.

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Harjit Sarang