I woke up to a few emails this morning with congratulations for being listed as one of three top female entrepreneurs in Hertfordshire.   I was delighted with the article written by Doretta Sarris Hogan.  How do we measure success?  Is it the size of the bank balance, the amount of followers you have on Twitter or the amount of connections you have on the daisy chain that is Linkedin?  For me success is the way I feel.  The way I feel when I brush my son's hair ready for school.   The way I feel when a client phones to announce a pregnancy.  For me, it always revolves around family.

I set up my businesses to compliment my family life and to allow me to be the kind of mummy that I want to be and also to practice family law in a way that assists clients to move on in their lives in a way that sees them empowered.  

I feel very fortunate working in family law and in particular dealing with cases for couples who are trying to create a family.  Something so many take for granted.  I have been on the fertility journey myself and understand the longing to be a parent.  This may be a lesbian couple using donor conception or a gay couple using a surrogate abroad.  I also assist infertile heterosexual couples who go through surrogacy in the UK or abroad. 

There are many things that we take for granted including being able to conceive naturally.  Living a life free from risk of harm from a family member etc.  I cannot bear abuse or discrimination of any kind and will take on any challange to create a change for myself and my clients. 

I am passionate about family law and that is why I feel my business is a success.   I often offer free advice and support because it is a natural desire to help.  Sometimes, it just feels so wrong delivering a bill to somebody for helping them out of an abusive situation.  I offer low fixed fees wherever I can. 

Best regards 

Harjit Sarang