After the success of young singer songwriters like Adele and Ed Sheeran at the Brits, have you been inspired to follow in their footsteps? Help is on hand at the Music Gym in Watford and I went down there to check what they had going on!

The music department at the Orbital Community Centre in Garston run by the YMCA, has been transformed and they’re encouraging people to join in and learn through the brand new Yamaha teaching style.

Jo Stevens is a singer, song writer, composer and a director at the state of the art Music Gym. She‘ll be teaching the course and says, “the first song that they learn is Get Back by the Beatles, so we get them playing along straight away. They learn the full music notation so it’s a proper education but they don’t notice the boring stuff because it’s taught in 5 minute instalments.” Jo also says the course is very structured but great fun at the same time. “The course is graded which means that the parents and children themselves can see they are improving. At grade 6 it counts for UCAS points for university applications as well as helping with GCSEs and A-Levels.”

There are many benefits of the course along with the brand new equipment according to Jo. “We can control group sessions by putting everyone through the mixer. This prevents everyone making lots of noise at the same time and not really enjoying themselves.” The centre will be organising events all year round and they hope to raise the standard of music in Watford. “We’ll be holding concerts so that the children can show off their talents.”

The Music Gym which offers a range of courses for all ages will be opening its doors for anyone wanting to learn the guitar. You’ll need to register online for your place in a taster class. For more information, head to their website at

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