How can we sit on the fence whilst a section of society is being discriminated against? Over the past month or so, I have tried to get support for equal marriage. That is, the right for same sex couples to get married, rather than register a civil partnership. My approach has been to target ‘profile’ people to raise awareness by sharing their views on the subject with their ‘followers’. They will be able to influence those who have no opinion (or those who have the ‘wrong’ opinion!). I have had some great responses on my twitter account but more often than not, I have had many ‘non’ responses. What is disappointing to note is how many people are afraid to give their opinion fearing a loss of popularity. Personally, I do not want friends and followers who do not support equal marriage. Why would I? We would be so far apart on such a fundamental issue. In a few years, we will look back on this issue and be ashamed that the discrimination went on for so long. If you have an opinion please speak up. If you have no opinion, wise up. If someone has ever refused you something solely based on your sex, gender, race or sexual orientation, you will understand. Best regards Harjit Sarang

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