10:44am Friday 30th September 2011

By Michael Duffy

On a balmy September evening in 2007 I was in Paris with 20,000 other Scots for one of our nations proudest sporting moments when we beat a French team that the year before had been watched by billions in the final of the 2006 World Cup To the tune of the traditional Cuban folk song `Guantanamera` we serenaded our French hosts with our own lyrics “ Deep fry yer croissants, we`re gonnae deep fry yer croissants”

The song adapts fairly well on its travels, when in Rome substitute croissant for pizza, lutefisk in Oslo, some of the greatest tunes written are adaptations of things on a plate, just ask Sir Paul what became of his scrambled eggs The tune was buzzing round my head yesterday as I finalised preparations for a busy weekend at The Three Crowns.

First thing on the shopping list was coffee beans as today is the Macmillan Cancer Support`s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning and every penny from every cup we sell throughout today will be donated to this wonderful organisation.

Next on the list was food, Al & Kris will be barbecuing in the garden tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday lunchtime, got to make the most of this weather so I had to load up on steaks, chicken, burgers & salady stuff.

Still in food mode I bought haggis & white pudding which will be central to the full Scottish brekkie on offer during tomorrow mornings big game, and then I saw them and I just had to have them.

Once back at the pub Kris made up a batter and we tried his first one, it was good but following a review of technique he tried a different approach and the second justified his perseverance as it emerged a beautiful golden colour with a crisp coating and melting filling.

So to all the citizens of Slough and the rest of Englandshire, we have taken your Mars Bars and deep fried them and if you want to find out just how good they are with a scoop of vanilla ice cream then get yourself to Bushey Heath this weekend.

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