It’s always an exciting time when there are lots of new projects taking place and our New Business Team is helping meet the targets of better homes and friendlier communities.  Our new 2012-2017 Business Plan, which we launched in September, has a target of 500 much needed new homes in the Watford and Three Rivers and we are already planning for these There is a shortage of affordable housing in Watford and Three Rivers and  so  new housing is always in demand.

Work  at Croxley View on the Holywell will begin shortly with 16 new homes and we are also submitting a planning application for 27 homes at The Queens Drive, Mill End. These projects are providing a mix of 1,2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes which will meet a variety of needs and are energy efficient so they are not only affordable to rent but to keep warm too.

We are also consulting with residents about regeneration at Boundary Way off Horseshoe Lane which will give the environment a much needed lift and provide more new homes.   This is one of our “Master plans” that we have identified in our Business Plan.

We are also exploring other options and we will be keeping our residents informed of these as they come on stream.

But it’s not all about houses and we are also working on the Community Hubs we have at Harebreaks and Leavesden Green. This will involve refurbishing the centres and making them much more suitable for a range of community uses.

Harebreaks will finished by Christmas and we plan to commence work on Leavesden Green in April 2013. 

Talking about hubs, we are excited that the Watford Cycle Hub at Holywell was launched this weekend. The Cycle Hub recycles and repairs donated bikes, provides a cycle maintenance service and offers training and motivational services to encourage people to ride in the area.

Last but not least, employment is a big focus for our New Business Team. The Trust is teaming up with Construction Gateway to help local residents build a new career in the construction industry, offering a four-week full-time course at Leavesden Green Community Centre consisting of painting and decorating skills together with kitchen and bathroom fitting, leading to a Level 1 Certificate in Basic Construction Skills. Places are still available, so if you are aged 16-24 please contact me and I’ll point you in the right direction!

As you can see there are lots of exciting projects taking place and if you would like to find out more information regarding any of the above or for anything else happening at the Trust, please contact me on or on our Facebook page at



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