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I am Watford born and bred and I have a passion for our town and local issues. My blog, however, will be about things such as coping with the day to day unpredictability of living with the illness M.E & Fibromyalgia, illness that takes everything away, but still leaves me with a need to give something back & be of use to the world in some way. As a member of the Lets Do It For ME team, we try and raise awareness and vital funds for small independent charity Invest In ME. I love making music, predominantly rap/hiphop, & constantly strive to change its negative image . As a qualified Dream therapist I work with people to help them understand the meaning of their dreams & I help out at an elderly day care center when I'm at a level of health to function. This is my life, Not very exciting to some, I know, but in these M.E days, a trip to my local cafe for poached egg on toast is about as exciting as it gets.

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