I am Watford born and bred and I have a passion for our town and local issues. My blog, however, will be about things such as coping with the day to day unpredictability of living with the illness M.E & Fibromyalgia, illness that takes everything away, but still leaves me with a need to give something back & be of use to the world in some way. As a member of the Lets Do It For ME team, we try and raise awareness and vital funds for small independent charity Invest In ME. I love making music, predominantly rap/hiphop, & constantly strive to change its negative image . As a qualified Dream therapist I work with people to help them understand the meaning of their dreams & I help out at an elderly day care center when I'm at a level of health to function. This is my life, Not very exciting to some, I know, but in these M.E days, a trip to my local cafe for poached egg on toast is about as exciting as it gets.

Latest articles from Stacy Hart

Runnin On Empty-OOH, Er, OM

Oh it’s a jam packed Mash Up this Friday, so think of it as a rollercoaster ride, seat belt on, keep your arms and any other dangly bits in…hold on tight…and off we go……

Runnin On Empty- Call Me Stupid

There was a time when I thought pottering in the garden was for old people, those keen on wildlife were nuts and anyone who meditated was….er…. even nuttier……..but fast forward, and I now do all three ….AAAAAAAAH!

Runnin On Empty-In Or Out Jack

Only back one week and already causing mayhem? There was a technical problem that meant I was unable to publish the last Column on May 6th , While I was able to alert readers via Facebook and Twitter, I couldn’t alert you, which begs the question, why aren’t you on my Facebook and Twitter Huh? Huh? Huh? …….

Runnin On Empty- Good Grief, I'm Back

Yes, I’m back…….. you didn’t realise I’d gone? Cheers, I love you too. Grief is anything but good and having lost my brother and sister last year it felt as though I’d been hit by a freight train and then tied to the back and dragged along. After bumping along for 7 months I realised I needed to cut loose, so I did, and bruised and broken I’ve been wandering aimlessly ever since……..

Runnin On Empty - Averagely Awesome

Boy, we’re at the end of January already? This week I’ve been quite philosophical, not to be mistaken with Phil ‘Osophical the Irish guy that runs the local bookies. Basically, I’ve been wondering what the hell I’m doing here?…………………

Runnin On Empty - Slebs Vs Celebs?

You know?.....Slebs?   those with the  morals of a dog on heat & the talent of a chicken nugget that are held up by the media as examples of  todays entertainment , or trash TV as I call it ?.......

Runnin On Empty-What A Week

Oh what a week indeed, I don’t know what it is with 2016 but I’ve so much to share with you already, so you’ll need to bring your mega mug of coffee again…got it? Good lets roll……..

Runnin On Empty- A Bloke Called Skopje

Ah, before you park your bottom this morning you might want to make that a large coffee and grab a few extra biccies? The columns a tad longer this week because there’s still the usual bits & bobs and…well…. It’s not every day you get to interview a bloke called Skopje…………

Runnin On Empty- Rollin On

2016 is upon us and I want to start by saying a big fat thanks to you the readers, the columns grown from when it first started and continues to grow with readers dropping in from all over the globe, Egypt to USA, France to New Zealand and back to my hometown of Watford, there are even readers from the city of Zigazag which made me smile, what an awesome name for a city. Why you all join me every Friday I have no idea, but I’m mightily grateful that you do, It’s come to feel like sharing my Friday Mornings with family……………………..

Runnin On Empty-Feel Good Friday

It’s Chriiiiiiiiiiiiistmas, Merry Christmas to those of you around the world that celebrate it, Merry Whatever to those of you who celebrate something else, and Merry Bah Humbug to those that celebrate nothing….are we done? I have prezzies waiting downstairs to be opened…………